SAU Foundation Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Application and Essay Deadlines: February 1 for Hallman scholarship and April 1 for other scholarships NOTE: You may apply after the deadline and your application will be considered for any scholarships that are still available. 

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General Information

  • SAU Foundation Scholarship Awards are supplemental funds which do not generally provide full tuition and/or housing.
  • SAU Foundation Scholarships Awards are for one semester or one school year based on funds available. Recipients who wish to be considered for the next school year must re-apply.
  • Awards funded by endowments will repeat each year although the amounts may vary.
  • Awards funded by annual gifts will repeat when the donor renews his support.
  • Students who wish to apply for SAUF Scholarship Awards should fill out the SAUF Scholarship application and send it, with any required essays, to SAU Foundation, 100 E Univeristy. Box 9174, Magnolia, AR 71753-2181  or bring it by the Foundation offices in the Welcome Center


  • Each scholarship award may have specific criteria. Generally, applicants should be full-time, degree-seeking students who have been accepted by or are currently enrolled at SAU.
  • Preference is given to students who are not over-awarded [not receiving full financial aid].
  • Faculty may recommend students for the awards. Students may attach faculty recommendations to their applications.
  • Students who have taken out loans to cover their cost of attendance remain eligible for additional awards that may reduce their student loan balance.

Award Process

  • Scholarship awards will be made by the Scholarship Committee, consisting of representatives from the Admissions Office, Financial Aid Office, and SAU Foundation, in consultation with such other faculty/staff as they deem appropriate.
  • SAU Foundation will notify the recipient of the award and that they are to write a meaningful and appropriate thank you letter/note to their donor. Guidelines for the note are available on this website.
  • Student will deliver the note to SAU Foundation, which will forward the note to the donor with a letter of thanks.
  • Funds will be released to the student only after the thank you note is delivered.

Review Process

The following information may be considered:

  • Specific criteria for each scholarship
  • Grade point average and/or ACT scores
  • Academic progress in major field
  • Leadership abilities and involvement
  • Financial need

Please call or email your questions to
Jeanie Bismark, 870-235-4991,

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