SAU Foundation Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Application and Essay Deadlines: July 1 for Hallman scholarships and all other scholarships NOTE: You may apply after the deadline and your application will be considered for any scholarships that are still available. 

For a complete list of SAU Foundation Scholarship Awards, CLICK HERE.

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General Information

  • SAU Foundation Scholarship Awards are supplemental funds which do not generally provide full tuition and/or housing.
  • SAU Foundation Scholarships Awards are for one semester or one school year based on funds available. Recipients who wish to be considered for the next school year must re-apply.
  • Those awards funded by endowments will be available each year. Those awards funded by individual gifts are subject to annual renewal at the discretion of the donor.
  • Students who wish to apply for SAUF Scholarship Awards should fill out the SAUF Scholarship application and send it, with any required essays, to SAU Foundation,P. O. Box 9174,Magnolia, AR 71754, or to SAU Foundation campus mail Slot 26, or bring it by the Foundation offices in the Welcome Center


  • Each scholarship award may have specific criteria. Generally, applicants should be full-time, degree-seeking students who have been accepted by or are currently enrolled at SAU.
  • Preference is given to students who are not over-awarded [not receiving full financial aid].
  • Faculty may recommend students for the awards. Students may attach faculty recommendations to their applications.
  • Students who have taken out loans to cover their cost of attendance remain eligible for additional awards that may reduce their student loan balance.

Award Process

  • Scholarship awards will be made by the Scholarship Committee, consisting of representatives from the Admissions Office, Financial Aid Office, and SAU Foundation, in consultation with such other faculty/staff as they deem appropriate.
  • SAU Foundation will notify the recipient of the award and that they are to write a meaningful and appropriate thank you letter/note to their donor. Guidelines for the note and a sample thank you note are available on this website.
  • Student will deliver the note to SAU Foundation, which will forward the note to the donor with a letter of thanks.
  • Funds will be released to the student only after the thank you note is delivered.

Please call or email your questions to
Jeanie Bismark, 870-235-4991,
Josh Kee, 870-235-4321,

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