Timeless Gratitude: A Celebration of Philanthropy

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Completed Endowments Pictured Left to Right Front Row: Bonnie Adcox, Luke Adcox, Katherine Adcox, Kate Adcox, Carolyn Marriott, Ann Barton Boyd, Charlotte Baine Back Row: Joe Adcox, Sarah Adcox, Olga English, Allene Byroad, Bob English, Lauretta Buchanan, Travis Buchanan, James Baine, Angela Pieratt, Joe Pieratt

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Mrs. Jeanne Bowman Franks, Top 5 Donor

Timeless Gratitude: A Celebration of Philanthropy was the theme of the 32nd Annual Southern Arkansas University Foundation Honors Dinner on Saturday, April 30th. Each year the SAU Foundation Board of Governors hosts the dinner to thank the generous benefactors of the University.

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Deltic Timber Corporation represented by Mr. Jim Andrews, Top 5 Donor

Arriving guests viewed an art exhibit by senior students in the Department of Art and Design. Following dinner, cast members of the recent SAU production of the Wizard of Oz entertained guests.

Recognized during the evening were new members of the Lifetime Giving Societies, those who completed endowments, and annual donors.

To learn more on how you can invest in Southern Arkansas University, call the SAU Foundation at (870) 235-4078.


Top 5 Donors

Top 5 Donors

Bussey Hall Coaster

Annual Donor Award

Bussey Hall Coaster

Annual Donor Award

Bussey Hall Coaster

Annual Donor Award

Kyle and Laura Lusby Winning

Dr. Claude and Neva Baker

Lois Awbrey and Mildred Awbrey

Denny and Nancy Smith

K. Dale and Carolyn Wood

Ronnie Ribble

W. Kelvin and Cissy Wyrick

Homer Greer Jr.
Mr. Greer also represented The Magale Foundation.

Jeanne Bowman Franks with sons, Jay Minmier and William Minmier

J.W. Rowe

Louis and Martha Blanchard

Lawrence and Ann Bearden with son Mark

Julia Laney Machen

Ann Barton Boyd and Luiza Britto

Luiza Britto, Ann Barton Boyd, Carolyn Marriott, and Jan Sherman

Joe and Angela Pieratt

Allene Byroad, Olga English, and Bob English

Tom and Kay Watson

Paul and Jeanie Bismark

Dr. Abraham Tucker, Larry J. Embree Professor of Biology and Dr. Anioinette Odendall

Petra Biddle

Dr. Bob Burns, Molly Harsh Burns, and Mary Warnock Harsh
Dr. Burns also represented Farmers Bank & Trust.

Dr. David and Margaret Crouse

Jerry and Lynn Mayfield

Dr. Katherine Simms Berry and Betty Stringfellow

Wayne and Norma Taylor

Travis and Lauretta Blevins Buchanan

Dr. Dale and Gail Robbins

Matt Archer, Bill Archer, Sonya Archer representing Aerojet Rocketdyne, and Serena Singh

Dot Woodward and Bruce Woodward

Dr. David Rankin and Beth Anne Rankin

Mike Waters representing Bancorp South and Angie Waters

Ray and Daisy Uhrich

Mrs. Harold Fincher and Dr. Clark Fincher

Dr. Willis and Barbara Shelby Beene

Jeff and Marcia Abbott Jester

J.L. and Wanda Jean

Dr. Larry J. Embree and Katherine Kalmbach

Jackson and Megan McCurdy

James and Charlotte Haley Baine

Katherine Adcox, Luke Adcox, Kate Adcox, Bonnie Adcox, Sarah Adcox, and Joe Adcox

Josh and Bekah Kee

David Lowery representing Sybil Souter and Kathy Dennis

Chuck and Mary Fincher Fowler
Mrs. Fowler also represented People's Bank.

Dr. Deborah Wilson

Jim and Amanda Andrews with children Sierra, Fisher, and Lauren.
Mr. Andrews also represented Deltic Timber Corporation.

Holly Hartrick Childs, Maggie Hendrix, Dr. Lisa Childs, and Donald Hendrix

Jeremy and Mary Langley

Ceil Bridges and Laura Lusby Winning

Wizard of Oz Performance

Wizard of Oz Performance

Wizard of Oz Performance

Jerry Mayfield, Chair Foundation Board of Governors

Dr. Trey Berry, SAU President

Travis and Lauretta Blevins Buchanan receiving award from PA.

Dr. Claude Baker, Lois Awbrey, Mildred Awbrey, and Carolyn Wood in front of the Endowment Honor Wall located in the Reynolds Center. Carolyn Wood, representing the MHS Fiftites Plus Reunion celebrates the completion of the MHS Fifties Plus Reunion Scholarship.

Carolyn Marriott and Ann Barton Boyd celebrating the Dr. Lionel Barton Scholarship. Dr. Lionel Barton established the scholarship to benefit an agriculture major interested in poultry.

Travis and Lauretta Buchanan pose in front of the Endowment Honor Wall celebrating the completion of their scholarship to benefit a student in the College of Education.

Kyle and Laura Lusby Winning standing in Foundation Hall of Honor.

The Adcox family celebrate their completed endowment that benefits the Mulerider Activity Center.

Jeanne Bowman Franks with her sons, Jay Minmier and William Minmier standing in the Foundation Hall of Honor.

Holly Hartrick Childs with family Donald Hendrix, Dr. Lisa Childs, and Maggie Hendrix standing in the Foundation Hall of Honor.

James and Charlotte Baine celebrate the completion of the Charlotte Baine Scholarship to assist a deserving and needy student getting a graduate degree in counseling.

Dr. Larry J. Embree with daughter, Katherine Kalmbach, celebrating the McCatherine Bruce "Mac" Woodward Scholarship established to honor Dr. Embree's longtime friend.

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